One of the most sought-after pianists in Taiwan, Artemis H. R. Yen has attained a unique place among the pianists of her generation. Her performances being highly anticipated, program notes becoming collectors’ items, books and essays winning critical acclaims from professionals and music-lovers alike, Artemis Yen readily brings ideas and compassion through her concerts to her native Taiwan.

Artemis Yen is the first Taiwanese citizen granted the “Исполнительская Аспирантура,” an equivalent to DMA in performance from the famed Moscow State Conservatory, in the 150-year history of the world-renown conservatory. Yen became one of the late students of Prof. Evgeny Malinin, this precious relationship and the special lessons from Lev Naumov highlight the tradition from legendary Heinrich. G. Neuhaus. Artemis also worked with outstanding pianists such as Natalia Troull, C. Keene, Abbey Simon, Oxana Yablonskaya, Diane Andersen, John Perry, Robert Roux, Andrei Diev, D. Bashkirov, and the late T. Nikolayeva.

Artemis’ recording of Mozart and Prokofiev sonatas has been released in 2013. Her live recording of Tchaikovsky’s Seasons is released in 2016, a debut project of both music and ground-breaking vinyl technique.



從未胸懷大志要成為鋼琴家,顏華容卻在1997年12月以多項最優成績成為俄羅斯國立莫斯科柴科夫斯基紀念音樂學院(Moscow State Conservatory named after P. I. Tchaikovsky)成立近150年來第一位獲得鋼琴演奏最高文憑-鋼琴演奏博士(Исполнительская Аспирантура)的台灣人。歷年獲台灣省音樂比賽各組鋼琴、作曲、大提琴獎項。以第一名由國立藝術學院畢業後赴俄,師事俄羅斯鋼琴巨擘涅高茲教授(H. G. Neigaus)兩位嫡傳弟子-馬里寧 (E. V. Malinin)、撓莫夫(L. N. Naumov)教授,濡慕於俄羅斯鋼琴傳統,成為音樂文化傳譯者。