Winners of both the First Prize and Amadeus Prize at the London International String Quartet Competition, ​Formosa Quartet​ is “one of the very best quartets of their generation” (​David Soyer, cellist, Guarneri Quartet ​ ). Hailed as “spellbinding” (​The ​ ​Strad ​ ) and “remarkably fine” (​Gramophone).

Formed in 2002 when the four founding members came together for a concert tour of Taiwan, Formosa Quartet is deeply committed to championing Taiwanese music and promoting the arts in the land of its heritage, as well as exploring diverse and adventurous mediums for string quartet. 

In 2013 the members of Formosa Quartet founded the annual Formosa Chamber Music Festival (FCMF), where they continue to serve as artist faculty. Based in Hualien, Taiwan, ​and modeled after American summer festivals such as Marlboro, Ravinia, the Taos School of Music, and Kneisel Hall, FCMF is the result of collective long-held aspirations and years of planning and represents one of the Quartet’s primary missions: to bring high-level chamber music training to talented young musicians in Taiwan, while simultaneously offering first-rate music to Taiwanese audiences of all ages. 

Formosa Quartet undertakes a variety of residencies at organizations and institutions across the U.S. and Canada. In 2014-2016 Formosa enjoyed a two-year residency with ​Art of Élan​, a San Diego arts-presenting organization; as ensemble-in-residence, the Quartet worked with UCSD professor of composition Lei Liang to create a new piece based on music indigenous to the aboriginal tribes of Taiwan. The two-year project culminated in the 2016 premiere performance of the commission, ​Song Recollections ​ , and looks ahead to a new CD of the same name, inspired by Hungarian and Taiwanese folk music traditions. Formosa also became the faculty quartet-in-residence at the National Youth Orchestra of Canada in 2014, has been a returning collaborator with Taiwan Studies / Taiwan Lecture Series at UCSD and with composer Shih-Hui Chen at Rice University, and looks forward to an upcoming week-long residency of educational and artistic outreach at Eastern Michigan University.  

Formosa Quartet has played a leading role in actively commissioning new works, contributing significantly to the modern string quartet repertory, including the premiere of Taiwanese-American composer Shih-Hui Chen’s ​Returning Souls: Four Pieces on Three Formosan Amis Legends ​ in 2014, and the Quartet’s recording of its first commission from Ms. Chen, ​Fantasia on the Theme of Plum Blossom ​ , released on the New World Records label. Other pieces composed for the Quartet include three pieces by Dana Wilson — ​Hungarian Folk Songs ​ , ​The night of h’s ​ , and ​Apart — ​ Wei-Chieh Lin’s ​Pasibutbut ​ and Five Taiwanese Folk Songs ​ , and Thomas Oboe Lee’s ​Piano Quintet ​ and ​Jasmine Variations.

The members of Formosa Quartet – ​Jasmine Lin​, ​Wayne Lee​, ​Che-Yen Chen​, and ​Deborah Pae​ – have established themselves as leading solo, chamber, and orchestral musicians. With degrees from the Juilliard School, Curtis Institute of Music, and New England Conservatory, they have performed in major venues throughout the United States, Asia, and Europe, and have been top prizewinners in prestigious competitions such as the Paganini, Primrose, Fischoff, Naumburg, and Tertis competitions. As chamber musicians, they have appeared regularly at the Marlboro, Kingston, Santa Fe, Ottawa, Ravinia, Crans-Montana, and Schiermonnikoog festivals, as well as at the Chamber Music Society of Lincoln Center, La Jolla Summerfest, the Seattle Chamber Music Society, and Open Chamber Music at Prussia Cove. They have held principal positions in the San Diego and Cincinnati Symphonies as well as faculty positions at the University of Southern California, California State University Fullerton, Roosevelt University, Taos School of Music, McGill University, Eastern Michigan University, and the Juilliard School.  

Formosa Quartet forms an octet with violins Joseph Curtin (2001) and Andrea Guarneri (1662), an Enrico Catenari viola (1680), and a Vincenzo Postiglione cello (1885) on generous loan from the Arts and Letters Foundation.

2006 年第十屆倫敦國際弦樂四重奏大賽首獎及阿瑪迪斯獎得主。美國知名的瓜內里弦樂四重奏大提琴家/ David Soyer 讚譽福爾摩沙四重奏是“這個世代最頂尖的弦樂四重奏之⼀”;英國著名《弦樂》雜 誌(The Strad)讚譽他們的演出“淋漓盡致扣⼈心弦“;古典音樂《留聲機》雜誌 (Gramophone)亦形容該團表現 “ 超乎尋常的精緻”。

福爾摩沙四重奏是 2002 年由四位與台灣有淵源的年輕音樂家在台巡演時創⽴。該團致力於推廣來自台灣的聲音,傳遞在地文化遺產,並為弦樂四重奏探索多樣且大膽的二十⼀世紀新音樂素材。2013 年起四重奏以美國的夏日音樂節,如:萬寶隆、拉維尼亞、 陶斯⾳樂學院,以及克內塞爾⾳樂廳等室內樂音樂節為典範,於花蓮舉辦首屆福爾 摩沙室內樂音樂節 (Formosa Chamber Music Festival)。音樂節是該團共同的展望且多年規劃的成果,也代表著福爾摩沙四重奏的主要任務之⼀:為台灣有才華的年輕音樂家帶來更⾼層次的室內樂訓練,同時向台灣聽眾展現⼀流的室內樂。

福爾摩沙四重奏是美國和加拿大許多組織和機構的常駐樂團,除了專精演出西方傳統四重奏曲目外,並以推廣來自台灣的聲音,做為文化的音樂橋樑。2014-2016 年間,與聖地牙哥藝術創作組織 Art of Élan 合作,榮獲美國國會圖書館 Koussevitzky Music Foundation 及美國室內樂協會的創作獎助⾦,兩年內創作兩首以台灣原住民傳統為題材的弦樂四重奏:2014 年首演萊斯大學作曲教授/陳⼠惠的《讓靈魂回家:阿美族的三則傳奇四首歌》,和 2016 年委託加州大學聖地牙哥分校的作曲教授/梁雷,以布農族、魯凱族 、 雅美族和阿美族的音樂創作的《歌聲的迴響 Song Recollections》。2014 年起該團擔任加拿大國家青年管弦樂團駐團四重奏, 並與加州大學聖地牙哥分校台灣研究講座教授 /廖炳惠合作,致⼒推廣台灣各個層面的音樂。其他為福爾摩沙四重奏創作 的當代作品包括:以南管為題材,陳⼠惠的《梅花操的迴響》,Dana Wilson 的《Hungarian Folk Songs》、《The night of h’s》 和 《Apart》,林煒傑的《祈禱小米豐收歌》及《五首台灣民謠》。

四重奏⽬前的成員:林允⽩、李家瑋、陳則⾔、黛博拉‧裴皆是傑出 的獨奏、室內樂和管弦樂團演奏家。他們分別從茱麗亞⾳樂院、 寇蒂斯音樂院、新英格蘭⾳樂院取得⽂憑後,在美國、歐亞各大音樂廳演出 , 並於許多音樂大賽 ,如:帕格尼尼國際小提琴大賽 、 Naumburg 國際小提琴大賽、Primrose 國際中提琴大賽、Tertis 國際中提琴大賽,以及 Fischoff 國際室內樂大賽中獲獎。

福爾摩沙四重奏的錄音分別由 EMI、New World 、Delos及Bridge唱片發行。⽬前他們分別任職於南加大、羅斯福大學、東密西根大學等, 教授獨奏、樂團曲⽬及室內樂課程。

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