The aim to make a cappella singing in their lives already developed at school: soon after leaving five former members of the famousRegensburger Domspatzen cathedral boys’ choir put it into practice and founded Singer Pur in 1992.

It was a fortunate love affair that brought a soprano into their ranks: soon afterwards the sextet with the unusual combination of voices (a soprano, three tenors, a baritone and a bass) won first prize in the 1994 Deutscher Musikwettbewerb, a year later they covetedGrand Prix for vocal ensembles at the international Tampere Music Festival in Finland, and was launched on its road to becoming the leading German-speaking vocal group. Soon television and radio appearances, CD recordings, invitations to major festivals and concerts in over 50 countries established an international career.

There are no stylistic limitations to Singer Pur’s repertoire. Its programmes include anything performable by voices from medieval times to the avant-garde, a host of new compositions and arrangements written for the group, various forms of improvisation, co-operations with musicians as diverse as The Hilliard Ensemble, the composer and jazz clarinet player Michael Riessler or the young clarinet player David Orlowsky, and orchestras such as the Rundfunk-Sinfonieorchester Berlin and the Sinfonieorchester des WDR Cologne.

The Singer Pur discography consists more than 20 CDs, several of which have been awarded. Two of them with “Le Choc de l’Année” by the Frensh music magazine “Le Monde de la Musique” and three more with the ECHO Klassik in 2005, 2007 and 2011, considered the most renowned classic music CD award worldwide.

In 2008 Singer Pur received the Culture Award of the City of Regensburg. One of its two volumes with arrangements by and dedicated to Singer Pur was honoured with the award of “the best edition of the year” 2009 during the Frankfurter Musikmesse.

For several years Singer Pur has supported young musicians taking part in its international workshops for Europa Cantat, AMJ and Rhapsody in School.

In 2013 Singer Pur received the prestigious Caeciliaprijs (Belgium) and the Bavarian State Prize for Music (Germany), in 2014 the Fritz-Goller-Award and the Friedrich-Baur-Award of the Bavarian Academy of Fine Arts. In 2015 the title “Ambassadors for the Friends of Choral Music in Europe” was bestowed on Singer Pur.


一場戀愛很幸運地讓一位女高音加入了「純淨人聲」,此後,他們便以如此獨特的六重唱組合(一名女高音、三名男高音、一名男中音及一名男低音)拿下德國波昂Deutscher Musikwettbewerb大賽首獎,一年後又在芬蘭國際坦派勒音樂節(Tampere Music Festival)贏得最受囑目的聲樂大獎,一舉奠定「純淨人聲」在德國人聲界的地位。多年來,超過二十張的唱片錄音、電視廣播亮相、和來自五十多個國家的音樂節及音樂會邀約,讓「純淨人聲」晉身為國際知名的無伴奏人聲樂團。

 「純淨人聲」對演唱曲目從未設限,只要人聲可以表現的音樂他們都願意嘗試,曲目涵蓋中世紀、爵士、流行到前衛音樂之外,也包含許多特別為他們創作或是改編的曲子、各種類型的即興演出,與希利亞合唱團(The Hilliard Ensemble)、爵士單簧管樂手麥可‧萊斯勒(Michael Riessler)、年輕單簧管樂手大衛‧歐洛斯基(David Orlowsky)等音樂家的合作,以及與柏林廣播交響樂團和科隆西德廣播交響樂團的合作演出等。

「純淨人聲」已錄製超過20張唱片,其中許多張專輯都榮獲音樂大賞的肯定,包括兩度獲法國雜誌《音樂世界》(Le Monde de la Musique)頒發“Le Choc de l’Année”大獎,在2005、2007及2011年連續奪下德國「迴聲古典唱片大獎」(ECHO Klassik);2008年獲德國雷根斯堡市「文化獎」;其中一張特別改編及題獻給他們的雙CD專輯,獲2009年德國法蘭克福樂器展(Frankfurter Musikmesse)選為年度最佳製作專輯。

近年,「純淨人聲」陸續為歐洲合唱聯盟(Europa Cantat)、AMJ(Arbeitskreis Musik in der Jugend)及「校園狂想曲」(Rhapsody in School)計畫舉辦國際工作坊,協助年輕的音樂家們成長。


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