Hui-Kuan Lin, a pipa musician received her M.A. from the Art Institute of Fo-Guang University in Taiwan, founder and President of Chai-Found Music Workshop since 1991. From 2014, she becomes an adjunct associate professor of Department of Chinese music in Chinese Culture University in Taiwan.

Hui-Kuan Lin, with her superb pipa skill, specializes in cross-over performance cooperating with different styles of composers and performance groups including renowned international orchestras in the United States, Germany, France, the Netherlands, Austria and Canada, some of which like Klangforum, Music Lab, EXXJ-Ensemble of the 20 Century, Nieuw Ensemble Amsterdam, NDR Symphony Orchestra, Ensemble 2e2m, Jack String Quartet, Toronto Accordes String Quartet. Also, she has involved in several music festival including Contemporary Music Festival in Grenoble (France), Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival (UK), Berlin Music Festival in March (Germany), Vienna Viktring Modern Music Festival (Austria) and Avignon Art Festival (France).

In 2000, she was invited by the Legend Lin Dance Theatre of Taiwan to premiere the opera “Flower Gods Memorial Ceremony”, touring in Taipei National Theater and Lyon Opera Theatre in France. In 2010 she was invited by the famous American composer Coleman (Gene Coleman) to perform pipa at “Lotus Music and Dance Centre” in Manhattan. In 2011, with her splendid performance, Mrs. Lin received another invitation by Soundstreams in Toronto to perform “Ghost Opera” which is written by internationally renowned composers Tan Dun, and started a theatrical tour in Toronto, Taipei and Beijing in 2013. In July 2014, she was invited by Theatre La Condition des Soies to perform the musical “Musical Who?” in Avignon Art Festival in France. In December of the same year, University of Vienna extended invitation to Hui-Kuan Lin to join a two-year long “New Pipa Plan”, organized by composer Dr. Reinhard Karger and Dr. Karlheinz Essl. She created a series of new works for Pipa and String Quartet, and lectured and presented solo concert in the University of Vienna, as well as performed 19 pieces among “New Pipa Plan” in Vienna and Taipei respectively from April to May 2015.

In 2015, Mrs. Lin was invited by Seoul National University to perform four pieces of the contemporary of Pipa and Gayageum duo in Seoul Folk Theater and in Taipei. She acted as the leading actress “Yuji” and performed pipa in the closing opera “Ambush” in Tainan Arts Festival, on October followed by another “Ambush” performance in the “TED x Taipei 2015” opening ceremony.

Highlights of recent years include performed and recorded Chen Xiaoyong’s works with E-MEX-Ensemble in Germany in 2018, premiered Chinese composer, Hu Xiao and German composer, Ludger Brummer’s pipa and electronic music in 2019, performed three pipa and string quartet’s works with Pacific Quartet Vienna in Zurich and performed with Gunnar Berg Ensemble at Passauer Saiten in 2020. Her outstanding performance was widely praised by the Chinese classical music critic.